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26 Jun 2014

Tag! Five Character Facts

Much thanks to Miss Cole who tagged me in this character bloghop! The idea is to introduce a character from your current WiP and write facts about them.

I'll take a character from the WiP I'm editing at the moment:

Inside the Broom Closet is a YA (still unsure about genre) novel set in an alternate modern day universe where witchcraft is against the law and punishable by death.  Three teenagers who are sick of the oppression they face begin to protest against their anti-witchcraft government but is rebellion and fear really the way to earn their rights?

Connor Moore is an Irish teen who has grown up bitter towards the government and the laws they have enforced that have encouraged hatred and fear for witchcraft.  Here are five facts about him:

1) He's an incredibly opinionated teenager who wants to voice out his beliefs and opinions through documentary making.

2) His rival is David, a bookish and studious teenager in most of his classes who sees Connor as competition and is homophobic towards him. Getting bullied and abused by David, verbally and physically, is part of Connor's daily routine.

3) Hannah is his best and only friend, until newbie Brandon comes along and joins up with the gruesome twosome .  Hannah and Connor met in year 8 and have been inseparable since.

4) He's impulsive, immediately leaping to the idea of starting a rebellion and standing up for his identity and beliefs.  Brandon's 'fight power with power' motto is quite appealing to him.

5) He looks like the love child of Christian Slater and Sid Vicious and owns one coat: an old, black and swishy trench coat.

I love coming across music for characters as well as the whole story itself so if I could associate any song with Connor: (Warning: Language)

Minority - Green Day

I tag Jaime Morrow and Sara Biren! =D


  1. Connor sounds like a lot of fun to write ^_^ I'm already on his side. Down with David!!!! And what an interesting world you've created.

    1. So much fun! Connor is so punk rock and I love getting in that mindset to write about rebellion. ANARCHY!

  2. What a great idea! Love your characters. Irish? Im there!