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13 Dec 2014

So, What Did You Bring Me 2014?
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2014 has been a rollercoaster of a year.  It's started out with me being very productive in the writing sense until September came and that sometimes annoying thing called Real Life took absolute control of my time management.

I've ended up being completely absent in the blogosphere and while I'm studying I have no idea if I'm going to be around a lot until my course ends.  But I at least need to wrap up 2014 because it's been the most insane year I've ever experienced.

So... what has happened this year? A mix of good and bad really.  On the good side...
  • I was finally accepted onto a teacher training course.
  • I passed exams to start said teacher training course.
  • I got in touch again with old friends.
  • I met up with the best group of friends I've ever known.  Seriously, can't believe we've all known each other now for thirteen years.
  • I passed my driving test and got a car.
  • Got my first tattoo.
  • I got to experience beta reading and received some incredibly helpful feedback.
  • I passed my first teaching placement, getting 'good' overall with some outstanding aspects. 
On the bad side...
  • I didn't really read much this year because there was always something I had to give priority to. 
  • I had to stop writing once my course started.  So desperate to work on something.
  • My grandma passed away last month.  An experience I can only describe as upsetting and weird.
  • For my second teaching placement I've been given in a horrible school with poor behaviour management and a rude teacher.  So I've got to grin and bear it until mid-February.
Luckily more good than bad and I am seriously ready for the holidays just to sleep and rest.  Even though I've got a few assignments over the holidays and planning to do.  2015 will continue to be incredibly busy but I'm hoping I can deal with my time management better.  At least my bus journeys to uni are giving me a bit of reading time. And even if I can't blog as much, I should at least make sure I stay in touch with writing/blogging friends and comment on their blogs.

Hope everyone else's 2014 has been less chaotic! Let me know what 2014 has brought for you! Feel free to leave a link to your end-of-year posts! :)


  1. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. :-) Congrats on getting into your teaching training course! And for getting your license! Hang in there with the 2nd teaching placement. I had a bad placement for my second placement as well here in Alberta. Mentor teacher issues, mainly. Honestly, I learned the most and advanced the most as a teacher when I got my first teaching job. You learn by doing, for sure. Hope this next couple of months goes nice and quickly and/or that things get WAY better on the teaching front. We've missed you around the blogosphere, but life gets busy, doesn't it? :-)

  2. I've missed you guys too! Incredibly busy but I absolutely love it at the same time. Like, I full on geek out when I've found something exciting to do with the children.

    Everyone I know on the course and from work had that awful placement experience. I think it's a right of passage, haha! One horrible, one good. And it depends on your teaching style and whether it clicks with the setting. Like my first one was brilliant. Got on so well with the teacher and we had the same attitude to teaching and learning. But I haven't clicked with this new school at all. There are so many things they do that I would definitely not copy in practice.

  3. Hello, Robin! I noted the other day that you last posted back in October, so you've been missed. :) But don't feel judged. We all go through times when we need to step back and deal with life, especially when those life issues involve the Paying Job, or family. Most published writers don't update their blogs but a few times a month (at least as far as I've noticed), and depend more on Twitter and other outlets for social media.

    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas, and that the New Year brings you all kinds of awesomeness both in your studies, your teaching, and your writing. :)

    1. I've noticed that too with published authors. Tumblr seems the most popular and I can see why. I signed up just to see what it was all about but I never started a blog. It's pretty straight forward and people tend to keep their posts short and simple.

  4. "both your studies, your teaching, AND your writing"??

    This is why I did so badly at maths: I can't count. ;)

    1. Haha, I've been guilty of that. Do not enjoy maths at all!

      Thanks, Colin. I hope you and the family enjoy Christmas and New Year! :)